Toyota Models with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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Person Using Android Auto in Toyota Highlander

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available on many Toyota models. However, some older vehicles do not have a compatible touch screen. If a touchscreen is a must-have, consider the 2016 Tacoma or 2017 4Runner. Even if your car isn’t equipped with a touch screen, you can still enjoy great features from both systems – use voice commands to make things happen.


The best part about both of these smartphone integration systems is that they’re completely free as long as you own an iPhone 5 (or newer) or an Android device made in 2014 or later. All owners need to do is download the correct app from the App Store or Google Play, plug their device into a compatible USB port, and follow some simple instructions during installation.


What are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are smartphone integration systems that allow drivers to connect their compatible devices to their vehicles. This will enable them to use supported apps, such as Apple Music or Google Maps, hands-free using voice commands and touchscreen inputs through Siri or the Google Assistant.


These apps range from music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify to turn-by-turn GPS navigation programs like Waze and Google Maps. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto even support third-party messaging applications – so you can use iMessage on your iPhone or WhatsApp on your Android device.


Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay: What’s The Difference?

Android Auto only works when your phone is connected to the car, while Apple CarPlay can work over Bluetooth, USB cable, or built-in Wi-Fi. Additionally, many of the apps on Android Auto are designed specifically for driving, like Google Maps. With Apple CarPlay, these apps download from the App Store, but they’re often optimized to take advantage of features like Siri voice input.


While there are certainly many similarities between both systems, the main difference lies in hardware compatibility. Here’s what you need to know about both systems:

  • The Apple CarPlay is compatible with the iPhone 5 and newer models. For older vehicles, you need a head unit with a touch screen and USB connectivity to use Apple CarPlay.
  • Android Auto is compatible with Android phones running 4.1 or above and made in 2014 or newer. You can connect to Android Auto by plugging your phone into the USB port, connecting via Bluetooth, or accessing some apps over Wi-Fi when using an Android device. If your car does not have a touch screen, you can still enjoy most of these features by speaking commands for Google Maps and other applications like Spotify and WhatsApp.


Which Toyota Models Have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apple CarPlayToyota models compatible with Apple CarPlay:


Android AutoToyota models compatible with Android Auto:


Note: Android Auto is incompatible with the 2015-2017 Toyota Tacoma (you must get a package upgrade), 2018-2019 Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Supra, Toyota CH-R, and Toyota Sienna SE Plus model.


Get Connected Today!

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two of the most popular smartphone integration systems on the market. They allow drivers to connect their compatible devices hands-free to keep the focus on the road ahead. You can control your favorite apps like Spotify or Waze through voice commands without ever touching your phone. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are safety systems that support native safety features like Siri Eyes Free mode for iPhones or Do Not Disturb mode on Androids – so no texting while driving. Both systems rely on USB connectivity paired with a touch screen display (or voice commands) for some functions. If you have any questions about connecting with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, please contact us at Beaver Toyota of Cumming today.

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