Toyota Camry Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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Check Engine Light

When the “Check Engine” light displays, it is a heart-dropping moment anyone may experience after years of owning a Toyota Camry. If this light turns on, it shouldn’t be ignored. The sooner you get your Toyota Camry to a Toyota Service center, the less likely any additional damage may occur.

The cost of repairs from additional damage, if not correctly diagnosed, will derive the cost of the repair significantly. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment with our Toyota Service center. Servicing your Toyota with us ensures that we’ve checked everything and that you may drive away with peace of mind.


Self-Diagnose the Check Engine Light

The check engine light may turn on for several reasons. The first diagnostic approach is to examine your Toyota Camry’s electronic dashboard for any indications of low oil pressure, overheating, et cetera. Second, ensure the gas cap is properly restored into its proper position on the gas reservoir. If you are confident that the gas cap is correctly installed, inspect the gas cap for cracks in the plastic or worn seal on the underside of the cap. If the light is still on after the gas cap approach, get your Toyota Camry inspected by a Toyota service technician as soon as possible.


Possible Reasons Why Your Toyota Camry Check Engine Light is On

The Toyota Camry has a factory-installed computer system called the ECM (electronic control module). Among many possible reasons, the ECM determines if there is a problem with the vehicle:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Catalytic converter trouble
  • Faulty mass airflow sensor
  • Worn spark plug or wire
  • Old battery
  • O2 sensor
  • Ignition system faults
  • Transmission issues


If Your Check Engine Light Is Blinking

The Toyota Camry check engine light will start to blink whenever a critical problem is occurring. The blinking also means that your Toyota Camry needs prompt attention.

An example of the ECM signaling a blinking check engine warning is if unburnt fuel is escaping into the exhaust system. The escaped fuel will consequently raise the temperature of the catalytic converter, which will most likely require an entire replacement of the catalytic converter—a very costly pair. If this happens, schedule a service appointment as fast as possible.


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