DeSana Middle School was WOW’d

May 17th, 2018 by

Earlier this year, DeSana Middle School was WOW’d by Beaver Toyota who presented our school with a $10,000 grant to help fund our SEAD (Social Emotional Academic Development) Program.  The slogan of Beaver Toyota, “We’re here to WOW ya!” and wow us, they did!

This week, we will be showing appreciation to Beaver Toyota with a series of videos about how DeSana Middle School is here to WOW our students!  Forsyth County Schools follows the Learner Profile to guide all we do.  In these videos, we will see a teacher exemplifying the Learner Profile and we will show how Beaver Toyota ALSO exemplifies the FCS Learner Profile model to WOW their customers every day!

Please show this video in Dragon Time, Literacy or whenever you get the chance!

Thanks again to Beaver Toyota!  You have absolutely WOW’d DeSana Middle School!

Nick Crowder, Ed.S. Instructional Technology Specialist,  DeSana Middle School


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