Volunteer Day at Camp Twin Lakes

March 22nd, 2024 by

Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) is a non-profit organization that provides amazing camp facilities to children who have disabilities, medical conditions, and special family circumstances. Beaver Toyota helps support this charity in many ways, including – volunteer days, manning phones in the radiothon, and funding from our annual golf tournament.

Yesterday was a volunteer day, and it was INCREDIBLE! Our team members helped by:

Cleaning and sanitizing 20 cabins
Clearing and preparing the flower garden
Visiting and feeding the animals
Securing 7 farm gates (to ensure the baby goats can’t escape! 😊)
The above work allowed CTL to prepare for a camp that begins today. This camp is unique as it allows children to attend that have one or both parents who are incarcerated. In some cases, this camp reunites siblings that have been placed in different homes due to their parents’ circumstances. It truly was a blessing to help CTL get ready for such a special event!

We give a HUGE THANK YOU to the following team members who gave their time and talents in yesterday’s activities!

Edwin Lopez, Kristina Montanti, Toni Townsend, Mary Johnson, Tony Keels, Tyler Cochran, Misty Brady, Kevin Kerth, Emily Miller, Sue Whitfield