2019 Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity

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2019 Toyota 4Runner

How much can a Toyota 4Runner tow? All configurations of this rugged SUV can tow up to 5,000 lbs.* The 2019 Toyota 4Runner comes standard with all the towing features you need to hit the road. Before you head out camping near Alpharetta with a boat or trailer behind your 2019 Toyota 4Runner, explore this towing guide.

4Runner Towing Features

All 4Runner trims come standard with the following features that make towing easier and safer:

  • Integrated Towing Hitch Receiver – With a Toyota SUV as functional as the 4Runner, we know you’ll want to be able to tow right off the lot. That’s why it comes standard with a tough hitch receiver.
  • Wiring Harness with 4- and 7-Pin Connectors – Hook up your trailer lights easily and simply with this connector. It ensures more safety while towing on the streets of Buford.
  • 4.0L V6 Engine – This rugged engine provides the 4Runner with enough power to get up to speed under heavy loads. It produces 270 horsepower and 278 pounds-feet of torque.

What Is a SAE J2807 Towing Rating?

Designed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), this series of tests and requirements ensures a level playing field when it comes to towing. It sets requirements for the following areas of the truck:

  • Structure
  • Ballast
  • Chassis
  • Tires

In addition, the tow ratings take into account more than just engine power. Hitch structure and overall vehicle dynamics are incorporated as well. This allows the SAE to better measure the true towing capabilities of a truck. With trucks that aren’t measured by SAE J2807 standards, the towing numbers might not be entirely accurate. You’ll have to do more research to find the true Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR).

4Runner Towing vs. the Competition

One of the 4Runner’s biggest advantages is its towing ability right off the lot. See how it compares to other SUV base trims:

  • 2019 Toyota 4Runner SR5 FWD – 5,000 pounds
  • 2019 Honda Pilot LX FWD – 3,500 pounds
  • 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4×2 – 3,500 pounds
  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door Sport – 3,500 pounds

Learn More at Beaver Toyota of Cumming

For information on the 4Runner interior, turn to Beaver Toyota of Cumming. We also offer a great selection of quality used Toyota 4Runner models! We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and you can contact us at 470-533-2060. Then stop by our showroom near Roswell to test drive this capable SUV. If towing capabilities are important to you but you might be interested in a smaller SUV than the 4Runner, check out the 2019 Toyota Highlander towing capacity.

2019 Toyota 4Runner

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*Before towing, confirm your vehicle and trailer are compatible, hooked up and loaded properly and that you have any necessary additional equipment. Do not exceed any Weight Ratings and follow all instructions in your Owner’s Manual. The maximum you can tow depends on base curb weight plus the total weight of any cargo, occupants, and added vehicle equipment. “Added vehicle equipment” includes additional standard/optional equipment and accessories added by the manufacturer, dealers, and/or vehicle owners. The only way to be certain of your vehicle’s exact curb weight is to weigh your vehicle without passengers or cargo.